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Book a Blue Ridge Cabin Rental for Your Anniversary

How do plan on celebrating your next anniversary? A dozen roses? A box of chocolates? Another piece of jewelry? Don’t you think your wife is getting a bit bored with all of that?  Well, we have got something fresh for you to try this year: a Blue Ridge cabin rental.

Escape the noise and stress of the city. Find your way out to the mountains and enjoy a weekend in seclusion with your wife. You’ll set the stage for romance and a weekend she will never forget.


How much privacy do you get normally? If you’re like most couples then not a whole lot. Especially if you have kids or live in an apartment building. But when you drive out into the mountains, you’ll discover a world of utmost tranquility—and in it you and your wife will be the king and queen. Nestled in such seclusion, when you opt for a Blue Ridge cabin rental, you don’t have to see another living being for an entire weekend if you choose. Instead, focus on one another.


Is there anything more relaxing than staying out in the mountains? You get the fresh mountain air, the sounds of nature, the lack of city noise—it’s almost too good to be true. And to make it even better, why not spring for a private massage session? When you choose a Blue Ridge cabin rental, there are licensed massage therapists waiting for the word to visit your room and work out that city stress.

Wine and Dine

Envision a full day of touring local wineries. Sipping local favorites with your significant other while staring dreamily together at the mountain scenery. Has the mood ever been this set for romance? Now imagine getting back to your cabin and having a private chef prepare a gourmet dinner—right there in your own kitchen. You feast and retire while they remain behind to clean up the mess. This is true luxury.

Finding the perfect Blue Ridge cabin rental for your anniversary

Okay, you’re sold right? You wish you could fast forward to your anniversary right now. Well, not so fast. You have to rent a cabin first! And you need to know how to find the perfect place. Follow these quick steps to get the best Blue Ridge cabin rental:

  1. Google “Blue Ridge cabin rental.”
  2. Search through various results and check out the web pages.
  3. Look for a company that shows pictures of their rooms.
  4. Look for a well-written cancellation policy–just in case.
  5. If you have pets, make sure you opt for a pet friendly Blue Ridge cabin rental.
  6. Call the proprietor that looks best and ask about pricing and any other questions you may find relevant.
  7. Book it!

Things to Remember

Once you’re set for your trip, remember to research activities in the area first. Sure you’ll be spending plenty of time alone on your anniversary, but there may come a time when you and your wife want to get out and explore. Print out a list and keep it handy and you’re sure to enjoy your Blue Ridge cabin rental!


By Gary Boyd

A boy from the coastal plains of Texas who fell in love with the mountains and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains.

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